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Hebersham Pride - Be Brave; Be a Learner; Be Respectful; Be Safe.

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Positive behaviour for learning

At Hebersham Public School good discipline and effective learning rely on the positive partnership between teachers, parents, carers and students. This partnership strives to develop in the students an understanding of appropriate behaviours. It is a partnership based on shared responsibility and mutual respect.

Parents and carers are responsible for ensuring their children attend school every day. They share in the responsibility of shaping their children's understandings and attitudes about acceptable behaviour.

Teachers are responsible for the education and care of their students. Their task is to provide the best possible programs to meet the needs, capabilities and aspirations of each student. They are also responsible for communicating with parents and carers about the behaviour and educational progress of their students.

As children grow, they become more active participants in this partnership. The partnership is based on mutual respect with each partner supporting the decisions and sharing the responsibilities.

At Hebersham Public School we have four expectations in all areas of school life. We call these expectations the pride guide:

  • be brave

  • be a learner

  • be respectful

  • be safe.

Recognising student achievement

At Hebersham Public School we believe that recognition of student achievement plays a vital role in the development of an effective learning environment.

As a whole school we recognise student achievement through:

Pride pins

These are awarded to students who exhibit citizenship and follow the pride guide in their stage. They are presented three times a term at the Kindergarten to Year 6 assemblies.

Pride awards

Students who consistently act as role models in the school and promote the notion of showing pride across the school are nominated for pride awards. Students also earn house points.

Hebo dollars

Students ‘caught' following the pride guide in the playground are awarded hebo dollars. Classes then trade these for rewards.

Assembly awards

Work of the week and merit certificates are awarded to students showing quality work and effort. Attendance awards are given for 100% attendance each term. Sporting awards for swimming, cross-country and athletics are presented at assemblies throughout the year.

End of year assemblies

Major sporting awards are presented at the end of year sports assembly. Awards for academic achievement, excellence in a key learning area, outstanding citizenship and consistent effort are presented at the end of year academic assembly. A special award, the Anthony Pittman memorial award, is awarded to an Aboriginal student in recognition of their outstanding achievement.

Individual class incentives

Each class reinforces the pride guide in a variety of ways, such as merit awards, class pride cards and class pride awards.

Behaviours of concern

At Hebersham Public School we have procedures in place to ensure that unacceptable behaviour is handled effectively and fairly. Our aim is to create a friendly, secure and safe school environment where all students can learn.

Procedures that apply to all students in the classroom and playground settings include:

  • minor incidents in the playground being managed by the teacher on duty who then notes the incident on a playground pride problem slip. These slips are filed and noted by the student's classroom teacher.

  • time-out in the playground or classroom, walking and talking with the teacher on duty, or being referred to a supervisor being used as consequences for minor incidents. A warning letter may be sent home to inform parents and carers of the area of concern.

  • a teacher/supervisor noting major incidents on a green Slip. Parents are notified of a green slip in writing, sent home in a green envelope.

  • suspension from school for serious breaches of discipline at the principal's discretion based on the NSW Department of Education guidelines.

Behaviours of major concern:

  • persistent racism and harassment towards other students and staff

  • abusive language

  • violence

  • persistent disobedience

  • vandalism

  • possession of a weapon

  • possession of drugs.