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Warmer Weather and Extraordinary Experiences!

06 Dec 2019

S3H at the Colour Run

This term the students have been learning hard and preparing for their next chapter while also experiencing many amazing events. That’s before we even think about what’s to come including the Year 6 Graduation, Stage 3 Fun Day, The Pride Pin ObstaCOOL Course and the Year 6 Arch!

S3H have been focusing on Space and the solar system during science this term and what a blast we have been having. From writing explanation texts about the process of launching into space to researching individual planets and using their speaking and listening skills to present their findings to their peers, S3H have put in all of their efforts to be creative and use complex thinking. In numeracy S3H’s brains have been buzzing with budgets and working with money because in Week 2 Stage 3 was in charge of running the whole school mini fete!

S3H used their classroom knowledge during fundraising for school events including the Mini Fete and Spider Drink stalls. We worked hard and both were a success to due the perseverance and dedication of Stage 3 when holding successful fundraisers to help raise money for their school and the Year 6 end of year events. We also had the chance to participate in Hebersham’s Colour Run. We all had a blast and were covered head to toe. Here’s to many more adventures in the last few weeks of 2019!